Thursday, September 15, 2011

Colby/Jack, Sausage & Bacon Pizza

Well, pizza is not the most original recipe I have come up with. This one however, is not your typical pizza. Why? Well, there is no mozzarella in sight. Instead, I used a Colby/Jack cheese blend to give it a little WOW! factor along with my other toppings.

1 Pillsbury pizza crust
1 cup of pasta sauce
¼ large white onion, peeled and sliced
½ Green bell pepper, cored and chopped
3 Mild Italian sausages, browned and sliced
5 strips of bacon, cooked and chunky chopped
2 cups Colby/Jack cheese
½ tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp dry oregano
½ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp dry parsley
½ tsp dry basil
3 tbsp olive oil
Non-stick spray

1.       Heat oven to 400 degrees
2.      Spray baking sheet with non-stick spray
3.      Place pizza crust on baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes
4.      In a medium fry pan place 1 & ½ tbsp olive oil and cook sausage until brown on both sides. Remove from pan and set aside.
5.      Rinse out pan.
6.      Place remaining 1 & ½ tbsp olive oil in fry pan and cook bacon until crisp. Then set aside.
7.      Remove crust from oven.
8.     In a medium sauce pan heat up sauce.
9.      Now, cover crust with 1 to 1 & ½ cups of sauce.
10.  Layer with 1 cup of cheese, onion, bell pepper, sausage, & bacon.
11.   Top with remaining 1 cup of cheese.
12.  Bake for an additional 10 minutes.
13.  Remove and allow cooling for 5 minutes before serving.
Totally scrumptious!! The Colby/Jack cheese is just enough of a change to make it mouth watering and amazing. Hopefully you will agree!

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