Friday, September 9, 2011

Avocado & smoked Gouda BLT's w/ Wasabi mayo

Next to baseball and apple pie what could be more American than a BLT? Nothing really. But how about a BLT with a surprising twist? Well, try this out and prepare to be pleasantly shocked.


(Makes 2 sandwiches)
1 avocado, peeled and sliced (1/2 for each sandwich)
4 strips of bacon, cut in half
4 slices of smoked Gouda (2 on each sandwich)
1 tomato, sliced (3 slices per sandwich)
1 loaf of Artisan bread of your choice
Wasabi mayo
2 leafs of green leaf lettuce (1 slice for each sandwich)

  1. Spray medium fry pan with non-stick cooking spray
  2. Fry bacon over medium-high heat until crispy
  3. Slice 4 pieces of artisan bread
  4. Spread wasabi mayo on both slices
  5. Next, place tomato and lettuce on one slice
  6. Then add cheese
  7. Remove bacon and place on a paper towel to remove grease
  8. Place 4 pieces of bacon on top of cheese
  9. Now place avocado and top with other slice of bread
  10. Repeat steps 1 – 10 for second sandwich

This is an excellent sandwich. It combines the cool, smoothness of the smoked Gouda and avocado with the kick of the wasabi mayo. Complete this taste adventure with the warm, crispiness of the bacon. Yum!! My mouth is watering just thinking about. Pair it with a great salad or some fresh fruit and a cold beverage. DELICIOUS!!!!


  1. This one looks great! Is that potato salad on the side?

  2. Jackson, yeah, that was potato salad on the side. The Wasabi Mayo was a great find for us at our local grocery store, just a word of caution when using it... it has a bit of a kick that doesn't come into play until after a few bites. So if you don't like having your nostrils flare or your eyes water a little, then stick with regular mayo. ;'p